Prior to becoming Moonrakers, the band was known as The Surfin' Classics, and then The Classics.  Above is their business card contributed by Moonrakers' longtime friend, Kevin Longwell.  

This is the Classics. From left to right in the back are: Joel Brandes, Van Dorn, Bob Webber, Doug Dolph, with Bob MacVittie in front on drums. Doug was later replaced in the band by Denny Flannigan. This is from about 1964. We were going from our surfing music phase to Beatles, Byrds, and original music.  Bob M.

Below is the back of Kevin's card.  On it is written For Moochers Only.  By showing that when he went to a club where they were performing he was able to enter for free.  Now you may also enter for free using his card by clicking on it.

(Click the card to enter.)

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Just added is a photo of Van performing at the California 2018 Wine Festival.  You can check it out by going to his page or clicking here.

A few photos from the Reunion at the Soiled Dove have been posted with more to come.  You can view these by clicking here, or by using the link above.

The sold out crowd at The Soiled Dove in Denver, CO were treated to a fantastic performance by The Moonrakers on Sunday, August 23, 2015.  I was trying to decide how to word my feelings about the show on the website when I was notified of a post in the guestbook by former KIMN DJ, and the person who introduced The Moonrakers that night, Chuck Buell.  Chuck pretty much stated how I felt about the show so if you would like to see what he had to say, click here (message #88)  Thank you, Chuck.  
I'm sure everyone at the show that night went home feeling pleased that they attended.  It was the best show I've seen in a very long time!  Let's hope they do it again in the not too distant future.  A BIG THANK YOU goes out to everyone that attended and helped make this event the success that it was!  

There wasn't a lot of publicity about The Moonrakers reunion and it is not well known that this wasn't the first reunion of this band.  They put on a full performance the night before for a very fortunate crowd.  It was a private party for the George Washington High School Class of '65 having their 50th High School Reunion. 


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