This page consists of early Moonrakers photos taken by Kevin Longwell, followed by slides from the personal collection of Bob MacVittie.  Many thanks to them for these excellent vintage shots. 

Van Dorn

Denny Flannigan

Bob Webber

Bob MacVittie behind the drum kit.

Joel Brandes with his Fender Bass.

Special thanks go out to Robert Erickson for the excellent work he did to correct the photo of Joel above, and the color shot of The Moonrakers below.  The difference is night and day.

The Moonrakers performing in Longmont, Colorado.

Below are photos taken from slides from Bob MacVittie's collection.

From left to right is Joel, Denny and Van.

Above left is Joel on bass, and Bob Webber on electric guitar.

Here is a side view of Joel, Bob Webber, and Bob MacVittie.

Above is a shot of Bob MacVittie.  We have not been able to determine who the other people are.  Update on this.  Van has informed me, "That's ME sitting next to him on the's at the Exodus...I actually remember sitting there with him right then that night because I was rolling a cigarette with pipe tobacco and zig zags and we were laughing, wondering if anybody there would think we were actually rolling something 'else'   A GREAT memory.

Below are a few more photos from Kevin.

Denny with Sharon True.

A cool shot of Van.

Bob M. on drums.

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